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Sales and Customer Obsession

Customised Sales Development Programme including Reality Simulations, Insight-Led Sales skills and Story Selling.


The financial industry is a competitve one and what makes the real difference is how you make your clients feel. Becoming a trusted partner to your clients is the result of a highly qualified sales and customer facing teams, ones that work well together and can demonstrate integrity and knowledge all while creating that human connection.

At fts global, we have developed a unique Sales Development Programme (FinSell™) and client-facing workshops which are designed to build trusted partnerships for the long-run.

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FinSell™ is a unique and customised sales development programme for those working in financial services.

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Client Service Excellence

Providing excellent client service has become more important than ever.

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Story Selling

Leave traditional push or pull tactics behind and learn how to influence and sell by telling your unique sales stories.

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Presenting & Connecting

Having the confidence to present and pitch in a relaxed way while connecting on a deeper level with your audience is the focus of this workshop.

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All Courses

Explore our catalogue of experiential courses and workshops on communication, management and change.

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