Outstanding Leadership in Financial Services

It is time for a shift in leadership.  The way in which the climate is created and people are engaged is critical to long term sustainable performance. We work with financial services companies to help their leaders create more impact and achieve better results.

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Culture cascades from the top

We all know that leaders set the tone for organisations. Understanding how we show up as a leader and the climate that we are creating are critical elements for achieving sustainable performance from employees and other stakeholders.

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If you don’t really believe in the Financial industry don’t get involved….you will always be confronted with resistance. A  passion for the Industry and a firm belief that change [and transformation] could have a positive impact is required.

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Ian Holden, Managing Director of SS&C Globe Op talks about authentic Leadership

What can we help you with?

We work in partnership with our sister company The Henka Institute to deliver Leader as Coach programmes designed to help organisations understand the importance of harnessing the collective and provide them with the tools to achieve that.

We also have bespoke programmes targetting the industry: FinLead™, FinEngage™ and FinComms™
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Transformation can only really be achieved if it is embedded in organisations

To transform Leaders to become more innovative, create the right climate, lead with heart and soul requires a new way of thinking. Leaders engaging with us experience formidable growth not only in the way they lead with results, but also in the way the connect with their people on a journey of self discovery. 

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A Leader who is a coach

Some the greatest corporate leaders of our time believe in he power of the Coaching Leadership style. Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft is vociferous about it. Great Financial Services leaders are also talking about it. You can see many of these by tuning into our podcast Flex and the City  


See our work in action

We wrote a white paper on how leadership in financial services needs to change

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