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Why Outplacement is needed to support the changing environment of financial services

Sometimes, during change and transformation there is the process of letting some people go. This can be positive for both the organisation and the individual if managed with heart.

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Outplacement: supporting employees

COVID-19 is providing an entirely new challenge to the workplace. Unlike more organic recessions of the past, the virus has affected most of the economy simultaneously. This sudden global crisis means that the corresponding recovery will also be unlike anything we’ve ever collectively experienced. This requires a new, more flexible approach to workplace standards, cost-cutting, and possible redundancy.  

Our clients in the financial services industry are facing a period of unprecedented change. Our clients also recognise the critical importance of ensuring the sustainability of their performance and reputation. 

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Building a successful and life-long career in the recruitment industry has taught me above all other things to put the candidate needs above all priorities.

Recognising the benefits of putting people first, not only is it commercially prudent for organisations in the long term, but I also believe we have a moral obligation to support those whose lives have been impacted.


"Working in Assest Management  you need to make sure that you build cohesive teams with a clear purpose"


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Humans need to be listened to

When social plans and redundancies are put in place our clients need a trusted partner who is independent, understands the marketplace, understands the industry, and manages the outplacement activity. 



fts global has been at the heart of the financial services industry for over 20 years. We specialise in Talent Development, coaching and mentoring and have a tailor-made outplacement pathway for every participant, based on their specific needs.

Outplacement and Coaching

The critical importance of vision and purpose in financial services

Lee Godfrey of Intertrust is a respected leader in the financial services industry. Lee talks about the importance of vision and purpose as well as holacracy!

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We wrote a white paper on how leadership in financial services needs to change

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