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About Us

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At fts global, we are a leading professional coaching, leadership and development consultancy firm, with over 25 years of experience in delivering to the global financial services industry. We have a unique understanding of the industry and have helped many organisations create a coaching culture, increase sales performance, improve leadership skills and develop diversity and inclusion programmes.   
Our expertise is recognized by our clients, and we are proud to have been able to build such a reputation. Our latest programmes include creating change management initiatives for some of the world's largest banks and investment firms.

At fts global,
our mission is to redefine leadership in the global financial and professional service industries, at a time of unprecedented change. We co-create high-impact learning interventions both virtually and physically designed specifically for you.  

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Change is coming. The disruption of the financial and professional service industries is huge and accelerating. And it requires a new type of leadership to thrive and win. From Big Data to Fintech to Globalisation, the world is full of threats and opportunities.  

At fts global,
we can support you and your people through this change, thanks to our proven approach to behavioural change, engagement, and learning.   

We operate across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.   

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your organisation.

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Our Values


We are responsive.
We can move quickly and easily.

We are supportive.
We are team players, attentive to clients and attentive to quality.

We are different.
We innovate and we are thought leaders.

We are honest and uncomplicated.
We behave with professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

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