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We help you to create a culture of Inclusion in financial services

We work with financial services clients to truly become sustainable and performant through training their leaders to embrace and demonstrate inclusive behaviours

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You will already know that organisations that are diverse and inclusive perform better. You will already have read the many articles proving this. We believe that to become truly inclusive organisations need to develop a coaching culture. That's why we created, with our sister company The Henka Institute, an ICF accredited programme called The Certified Inclusive Leadership Coach.

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 I believe that inclusivity and diversity is about creating equal opportunities for everyone – irrespective of your background, everyone has talent and it is about finding the right way to tap into that talent



Paul Brady, a Senior Vice President with Franklin Templeton talks about how we can respect differences in human beings in his podcast. 

Certified Inclusive Leadership Coach

There are many programmes that focus on obvious aspects of diversity and inclusion. We believe that inclusive behaviours starts from within and require skills like curiosity, suspending judgement, perspectives and active listening

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No one can deny that organisations that are truly inclusive and harness the collective, produce significantly better bottom-line results than those that don't. More advanced organisations recognise that promoting an inclusive environment helps to retain and more importantly attract future talent; making the organisations future itself more sustainable

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Inclusive Leadership

This is non negotiable in today's organisations if you want to drive sustainable performance. Inclusive Leadership breeds a climate that fosters innovation and growth. Inclusive leadership is so much more than obvious differences such as gender and race.

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We wrote a white paper on how leadership in financial services needs to change

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