We coach financial services sales people in the art of connection

fts global works with financial services sales professionals to drive, improve and sustain performance. We do this through coaching, our FinSell™ methodology and knowledge of your industry. 


What makes us different?

We work with some of the best sales teams in financial services. What makes us different? First, we are coaches and can help our client understand their existing behaviours. Second, we understand financial services because our coaches have C Suite and financial services experience. Finally our FinSell™ methodology using Reality Coaching™ allows your sales people to experience realistic sales simulations in a safe space

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The responsibility of the Financial Industry has shifted and our role has become one of supporting individuals to remain connected to their initial goals and objectives for financial planning.


It is a privilege to enable people to live good lives and build capital to ensure they can remain self -sufficient

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Polson vs Treece

Rachel Treece CEO of The Henka Institute was interviewed by the irreverent yet amusing Mark Polson - founder of The Lang Cat! They talk about the demise of 'command and control' and how to create an engaged and productive culture.

How does it work?

We work with our client to create a simulation that is a close to reality as possible. The Reality Coaching™ sessions include a former financial services executive and an ICF accredited coach. In a safe space, the FinSell™ teamwork to identify behavioural improvements that are discussed and embedded.

We would love to talk to you. One of the main drivers of your organisations success depends upon your sales performance. We'd love to help.

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Sales is about heart

Too often we see that sales training is driven around technical knowledge. Our belief is that sales is driven by heart, emotional connection and understanding the client and their needs.

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We wrote a white paper on how leadership in financial services needs to change

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