Executive and Non-Executive

At fts global we are passionate about genuine personal development as humans and as leaders, as well as the overall transformation of organisations. This transformation starts with changing individual mindsets.


Our coaches are carefully selected and rigorously tested. They all have seasoned corporate experience; they are all qualified individual and systemic coaches and yet have a rare ability to shift individuals and teams to be the best that they can be.

Our coaches are trained and accredited in WELLBUSINESS™ methodologies, to ensure that everything contributes to the overall business mission and success.

We believe that positive psychology is what makes people thrive and flourish. Our coaches use proven principles of positive psychology to help our clients create more positive, more productive, and more profitable workplaces, and also apply these principles to their own lives


High-impact executive and non-executive coaching programmes.

Driving performance of executive and non-executive teams.


A unique and high-impact learning experience through simulations, which transforms behaviours.