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We work with leaders, teams & organisations to coach & create a powerful coaching culture

Coaching supports sustainable performance, inclusivity, growth and transformation in every organisation


What is coaching & why is it so important?

Coaching is about helping people to find solutions and to make good decisions. Coaching helps individuals understand themselves and others better, which in turn helps organisations unlock innovation, build engagement and sustain performance. When people are engaged, they build resilience in teams. 

Today’s organisations face the constant need to evolve and adapt, meet an ever-increasing client sophistication, and meaningfully manage the complexity and volume of data. 

In a competitive world where you need to be fast-paced to survive, leaders are pressured to deliver value and demonstrate the right behaviours to move their organisations forward.
We believe that the future is Leader as Coach.


How can we help?

Our experience in delivering global leadership programmes has revealed the benefits of embedding a coaching culture in organisations.

Together with our sister company,
The Henka Institute™,  we bring together experts from around the globe to deliver ICF-accredited coach training programmes that have been created to support today’s organisational needs, by teaching proven coaching techniques that enable positive change and growth.

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The Future is Leader as Coach

Financial Services is an industry that supports the heart of our communities. It is an industry with a noble and valiant purpose. And yet, as the last two decades have shown, the industry has been much maligned for its perceived lack of transparency, greed and the number of scandals that have beset it. We want to be part of the reset to make financial services valued again.  

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What a Coaching way of Leading can teach us as Business Leaders

You cannot be a good Coach and, by implication, a Business Leader if you do not embrace inclusivity, enthusiasm, ambition, and consistency. Giving honest feedback is also essential and integral to a Coaching way of Leading.
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See our work in action

We wrote a white paper on how leadership in financial services needs to change

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