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Customised Sales Development Programme

FinSell™ is a unique and customised sales development programme for those working in financial services. Being a network of financial practitioners ourselves, we understand your business and the challenges your teams face. Our FinSell™ programme is based on proven insight-led selling methods, using the art of selling without pushing or pulling.


FinSell™ deliverables:


  • Define team behaviours and style based on clients’ needs, an insight-led selling model designed with the customer in mind;

  • Assess current individual approaches using RealityCoaching™ and appropriate profiling tools;

  • Identify future potential and assess level of service consistency;

  • Train in the FinSell™ skills using appropriate development interventions;

  • Embed key learning points and effectiveness assessment, with a follow up coaching sessions.

Together with you, we develop real life scenarios that these highly skilled sales managers face in their daily jobs and place them in a reality simulation, which we call RealityCoaching™ to identify strengths and areas of improvement. The simulations are conducted with an industry expert actor and an industry expert coach.

These short bite-size simulation sessions provide participants with instant subjective (from the actor) and objective feedback (from the coach) which is invaluable for further development and behavioural change. Video-recording gives an additional feedback in the sense of ‘see yourself as others see you’. This combined powerful feedback enables leaders to reflect and instantly improve skills and behaviours.

A personalised development plan and further development workshops help participants to be in control of honing their skills and become the sales person they want to be.

Like the sound of this? Click                to download our brochure for more information.

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