Senior Leadership Programme

A core Leadership Challenge in financial services organisations is to lead the transformation journey from a “top down” culture (where management instructs and people execute) to a networked and collaborative culture where the focus is on empowering people to think for themselves and co-create solutions for change.


The senior management programme prepares inspiring leaders for this journey and equips with the skills necessary to lead through transformation. 


Learning objectives will be customised to the needs of the organisation, but example objectives are:


  • Differentiate between management and leadership;

  • Create greater personal impact as a leader through collaboration;

  • Lead through transformation by deepening trust and integrity 

  • Capitalise on knowledge and ideas within the team for engagement, innovation and growth

  • Utilise diversity in teams and organisation and apply elements of emotional intelligence;

  • Adapt your leadership style in an appropriate way in different situations;

  • Understand how to motivate teams and individuals;

  • Delegate effectively and empower individuals and teams;

  • Address issues and improve performance through coaching and feedback;

  • Connect and collaborate with team’s stakeholders to increase innovation and improve results;

  • Review the resources of the organisation (systems, human, intangible and physical);

  • Develop a vision and strategy for the department that relates to the organisation;

  • Use influence techniques to manage stakeholder expectations