LeaderTube™ is  a concept from fts global designed  to  help  executives communicate with their audience in a way that resonates with the new generations. Our coaches are seasoned communication  specialists  that  work  with  your  technical  specialists  to  deliver  communications which are cost effective, time saving and have impact. Our concept is simple:

  • Identify a clear and precise goal of your communication strategy;

  • Select  the  right  communication  channels for your messages;

  • Prepare  the  script  for  the  appropriate audiences;

  • Produce  your  video  and  your  follow  up  communication;

  • Receive  coaching  on  how  to  produce  your ongoing video material;

  • Measure  the  impact  of  your  strategy  by  collecting feedback;

  • Guide you in your ongoing communication and help you plan ahead.