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Communication and Trust

We offer a number of programmes and courses that help to equip your leadership and teams to improve internal communications and trust. This is an essential part of ensuring organisations are resilient and agile to respond to changing environments. Whether this is building a culture of feedback, trust building activities or being able to present your story, it all contributes to driving productivity.

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Creating a Feedback Culture

To be able to create a feedback culture, all employees at all levels of the organisation need to understand the importance of how to give and receive feedback effectively.


Leadertube for Executives

LeaderTube™ is  a concept from fts global designed  to  help  executives communicate with their audience in a way that resonates with the new generations.

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Presentation Skills Workshop

We offer highly practical workshops from foundation level right to advanced and tailor made courses. 

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Team Building and Facilitation

Are you looking for a unique experience to bring your team day to life? Whatever the reason, we can promise you a day of energy, connection and trust building.

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All Courses

Explore our catalogue of experiential courses and workshops on communication, management and change.

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