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  • Rachel Treece

#QuickTips - Avoiding Burnout

Busy people always say it is impossible for them to unplug. In this way, burnout is inevitable. Nonetheless, it is critical for you to know when you’re close to burning out and take actions to prevent it.

  1. Schedule some free time - It is imperative to allow oneself some free time, even if it’s only 30 minutes a day. When you give yourself time to disconnect, you'll find that when you return to work, you'll feel more energised.

  2. Practice Mindfulness - Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment and focusing on our thoughts, our feelings and surrounding environment. Take time to breath and rest your body in order to reduce your stress.

  3. Find a hobby - What do you do during the weekend? Give yourself a goal, outside of work, in order to fully disconnect and focus on something else a few hours a week.

  4. Build a great team - You can look forward to your holidays, but you can also look forward to seeing your colleagues again! Feeling support from your peers will help to maintain your motivation. No matter the number, all you need is a great team!

  5. Sleep! - Sleeping is very important. This is when our brain regenerates and rests. Give your body the rest it needs, and you'll feel more peaceful and serene when you start your day. If you want to know why sleeping is important, our CEO Rachel Treece has written an article which you can read here:

If you feel like you are close to exhaustion, take a step back and try to relax using our quick tips. This is of course a non-exhaustive list of examples of how taking small actions can help you relax and avoid burnout.


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