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  • Rachel Treece

Is what is good for the goose good for the gander?

I don’t know about anyone else but my observation of the shenanigans in the British Parliament make Shakespeare look like a Sunday School picnic.

I am British and Luxembourgish, believe in the EU and its fundamental freedoms (i.e. freedom of movement and to live and work in all 28 member states) as well as being a believer in democracy.

I am, however, a fervent believer in Leadership and sometimes, for those who might be familiar with Goleman’s leadership styles, there are times when dropping your usual empowering, coaching and collaborative leadership style is not just important, its critical.

Leadership in times of crisis or change is not about asking what everyone thinks, nor is it about being liked or being right. It is about following through and being courageous.

There is a delicate and fine line as yesterday’s news in Hong Kong proved re the extradition treaty.

Love your comments and views. Do you have examples to share where CEO’s are having to make these kinds of decisions about a company’s future?

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