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  • Rachel Treece

Top tips to prepare for digital transformation

Digital transformation can be overwhelming. We are all having to adapt to a virtual world where your hotel room key comes through an app, your fridge prepares your shopping list and your meetings with clients are through video conferencing software. The transformation from industrial to digital is a big one and organisations have to accommodate to these rapid changes.

We can no longer rely on the comfort of ‘but this is how we have always done it’. Increasingly we have to challenge the status quo and ask ourselves questions like ‘How can we make it more user-friendly?’, ‘What can we do to make it better?’ and, ultimately ‘How can we stay ahead of the competition?’ This transformation is not only from a technological perspective,– the real digital transformation starts with a change in people’s mindsets.

At fts global, we have identified four crucial elements that you can implement today so that everyone in your company is ready:

  • Develop transformational leaders: On an individual level, leaders need to develop ambidextrous behaviours so that they can cope with uncertainty and reassure their respective teams. For this, one-to-one coaching and self-reflection is necessary to gain the right perspective. Leaders also need to understand the importance of investing in their people, to encourage an agile workforce through collaboration and innovation.

  • Create a change mindset: This means equip everyone with the change concepts that are important in your company – such as design thinking, lean start up and change management fundamentals. Being able to understand and equip managers to accompany their respective teams through change is key.

  • Enhance communication skills: Develop communication skills across your organisation to such a standard that knowledge is easily shared, conflicts are reduced and working towards a common goal is the norm for everyone.

  • Focus on collaboration: Create communities of practices or team-of-teams to foster collaboration and build collaboration labs that are accessible for everyone. Capitalise on the knowledge that is already available within your company and bring it together for idea generation and knowledge creation.

At fts global we have the knowledge and expertise to guide your people on this journey and develop your teams to be ready for the next challenge.

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