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  • Rachel Treece

WellMobility™: The #FutureOfWork Is Now

When Darrel, a junior accountant, realised that he spent more time everyday sitting in traffic jams than he spent with his own 3 year old daughter, he knew that something had to change. As a commuter, Darrel would spend up to two hours a day travelling to and from work.

In a much-needed conversation with his boss, he was able to present a compelling solution. The solution not only transformed Darrel’s life, but also had a radical impact on his company’s culture and growth.

Since his company kicked off the WellMobility™ initiative this time last year, Darrel has discovered how adopting new technology and flexible working practices is increasingly becoming a business necessity rather than an option.

Darrel now works remotely from home one day a week, on a voluntary basis. His company have downsized their office to invest in satellite work spaces outside of the city and away from the traffic. Everyone feels connected with the latest communication technology. When at the office, he enjoys working with his team while enjoying the view of the forest outside the window.

His company has invested in new electric cars for staff to use, which he uses to get to his meetings in the local area. It makes great conversation with his clients, and they’re impressed to see that Darrel’s company are investing in greener initiatives.

Darrel has also noticed other radical changes in his day to day work. Firstly, his boss has been following a training program on managing virtual teams and Darrel can feel an immediate difference. His boss now asks for feedback more often and though they only see each other twice a week, there is a clear understanding on what is needed to achieve his next promotion.

It doesn’t stop at the boss –there’s even a new tech platform that connects all staff directly with the CEO. Darrel and his colleagues share their ideas and suggestions on their smartphones, which is shared with the CEO on a weekly basis. Outcomes from this, as well as updates on company strategy are discussed in their regular town halls at a local hotel.

Darrel now gets to spend more quality time with his daughter and he feels more engaged at work than he ever did.

Want to learn more about how WellMobility™ can help transform your company?

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