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  • Rachel Treece

When reality kicks in

Have you ever experienced a simulation that felt so real? I did once, about 5 years ago. I won't go into the details, but it has marked me to this day. I can still remember the adrenaline pumping through my veins, the pressure of having to make important decisions in a matter of minutes, all while having to clearly communicate complex messages to a team. It felt so real.

An ultra-realistic simulation, combined with real-time feedback, is a powerful way to learn. It requires considerable cognitive and emotional engagement as you experience it with all your senses. At fts global, we have fine-tuned this methodology, and so far, our client feedback has been very positive.

Introducing RealityCoaching™

RealityCoaching™ uses ultra-realistic simulations for behavioural assessment and learning purposes. It equips your leaders or managers to both measure and improve on their behaviours and skills in what are often business-critical moments.

How RealityCoaching™ Works

  1. Enter the session, you are introduced to a coach and an actor;

  2. Experience an simulation designed for you, which is video-recorded and objectively observed;

  3. Review a video analysis of your performance and receive objective feedback from the coach and subjective feedback from the actor;

  4. Take away a detailed report of your performance for your own development.

Applying RealityCoaching™

The beauty of this methodology is that it can be tailored to any technical area and for specific groups of individuals. We have seen great results with Sales Teams that needed to standardize their pitch, with Relationship Managers that needed to deal with complex clients and even with Executives that needed to better manage risk.

Results of RealityCoaching™

The power of this methodology lies in the evidence-based video footage that is played back to each individual. Both subjective and objective feedback is provided in real-time from industry experts with credibility. Observing one's own individual performance as it is analysed is when reality kicks in.

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