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  • Rachel Treece

Top 5 tips for a winning sales culture

Year end is a valuable time for reflection. As we look over our sales targets and assess our performance, we ask ourselves how did we do? What can we do better for 2018? This has led us to do some research on what it is that defines a winning sales culture.

1. Be Data Driven

Know your numbers, and know them well! It's tedious, we know - but nothing predicts the future better than the past. How can you better capture and use your existing data? Time spent here will better inform strategy decisions and long term growth. Monitor data quality regularly, and learn to use insights to your advantage.

2. Be Aligned

Ensure every sales member can quote your vision, is able to master a strong pitch and knows exactly how each of their day to day activities ties into a greater goal. With the priorities in the right place, and regular communications, your team can feel confident that they are working to win together.

3. Foster Continuous Learning

Providing your sales team with the necessary training and tools is essential for their success. Crucial further is ensuring that the learning is continual, through regular coaching and mentoring. Foster an environment that promotes learning, and ensure your sales team feel valued and reduce the chance of turnover.

4. Be Agile

Our clients need to change quickly to survive in an ever digitalized world - demonstrate to your clients that you are able to support them in this change. Your sales team need to be open to transition, new ways of thinking and need to be innovative to cope with changing markets. If the data isn't showing results, then challenge your approach. New products, new systems or leveraging on new tech is the way forward.

5. Be Transparent

Stay informed! Share decisions, targets, accomplishments, feedback and learning. Every sales team member should know not only how they are performing themselves but also how their peers are doing. This helps to create a healthy sense of competition and ensures that high performers are getting the recognition they deserve.

If you feel like you might need guidance in applying the above tips, our wonderful team would be happy to guide you. At fts global we have developed a unique sales development programme called FinSell™ that:

  • Develops a consistent sales style across your teams and department;

  • Provides feedback and immediate action plans through video-recorded sales performance using RealityCoaching™ simulations (read our article);

  • Supports team members with individual development initiatives which focus only on the areas needed.

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