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  • Rachel Treece

Back to school!

Are you ready for back to school?

Next week, it's back to school for many. Regardless of whether you have kids or not, we're all familiar with the adjustment - school traffic, parents and colleagues juggling their work-life priorities.

Life goes on and while the learning never stops - no matter what age - I do believe it does slow down. Is the reason motivation? Is it lack of opportunity or stimulation? Do we have different priorities? Or maybe as we get older, our brains just don't shine as well as they used to. I think that one of the things that really drives our learning is curiosity and an intrinsic motivation to want to "be better". Having the right attitude to learning will bring success, especially where the professional sector is concerned.

Let me ask you this: what are you planning to learn this semester, when the kids are in school learning about dinosaurs? Are you proactive in the way you seek feedback from your mentors, colleagues, friends? How often and how do you apply it? How we’re doing: within our company, we have introduced a concept called "Feedback Fridays". Our team members pair up and share feedback. It’s completely voluntary but it gives us all an opportunity to keep an open dialogue.

So, when the kids return to school this week and the traffic builds up, let’s remember to be open to learning and ask for feedback more often. Let's show the youth that no matter how old, you can always go back to school!

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