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  • Rachel Treece

Let's all go exploring... Learn design thinking!

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let's all go exploring.” - Edith Widder A few of our clients have begun their journey to promote innovation within their companies and we are delighted to support them in the process. We wanted to share one of our favourite insights from the experience so far: a concept called Design Thinking. Many organisations like IBM or Fidelity have adopted the concept of design thinking in an attempt to improve customer orientation through innovation. Processes and services are being re-evaluated and re-invented through design thinking and help organisations to get ahead of the competition through co-creation and fast prototyping.

Why design thinking?

  • It adds value to the end user;

  • It ensures knowledge creation;

  • It is a human-centric approach, using empathy, creativity and collaboration;

  • It develops buy-in and reinforces networks inside and outside the organisation.

What is design thinking? Design thinking is an approach that puts the customer or end-user at the forefront by involving them in identifying solutions right from the start. The concept teaches different collaborative and creative techniques to find human-centred products, processes and services that your clients or employees want.

Try it yourself!

Our tip for you today is to focus on “co-creation” for identifying improved solutions. How do you do this? Follow these five simple steps:

  1. Identify a problem;

  2. Identify all stakeholders or individuals affected by the problem;

  3. Ask your stakeholders what the root cause of the problem is, for example, using the5-why’s technique

  4. Collect and analyse the feedback;

  5. Start your creative journey by asking yourself and your stakeholders – Well, what if we… ?


Find out more about how we support our clients on this journey for innovation.

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