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  • Rachel Treece


When we set up wellbusiness™ we had an idealistic ambition to “make business better”…in other words to ensure that the financial services world and other industries became better places to work where Leadership, Communication and Culture are honed to improve business performance.

I am not, dear reader, a person who writes for the sake of writing, I am not an avid user of social media and rarely do I get on my “high horse” about “causes”.

I was however, incensed to write having had dinner with a friend last night. She informed me of her friend, based in another country, working for a financial services organisation. The woman has worked for the company for 10 years as has two children aged 10 and 7. She has consistently worked long hours and rarely had the opportunity to see her children as they grew up. Last month she clocked in 300 hours. She went to her boss to explain that she didn’t feel it was sustainable – her boss kindly told her that if she didn’t like it she knew where the door was.

She eventually burnt out – my friend said the company cared little because they have an insurance policy to cover people going off with stress and burn out.

This is the hidden world of “sweat shops”. No one cares about these individuals because in their mind they are “bankers” with huge bonuses. They are not. These people are living a pitiful existence pitied by none and bullied by many. A psychoanalyst friend told me that in Luxembourg the majority of his clients are Lawyers, driven crazy through a billed hours mentality.

So I ask these questions. Which companies will embrace putting in place a wellbusiness™ strategy and which will take out the insurance policy? Who will survive and who will die?

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About the author

Rachel previously worked in the global financial services sector and has a vast experience in managing multi-cultural teams for FTSE and Fortune 100 companies. Rachel was awarded Most Inspiring Women in Entrepreneurship in 2012 and is a founding member of Dress for Success (Luxembourg) and Competence asbl as well as being a co-author of the book Unlock your Mind. She has regularly lectured on the University of London MBA programme.

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