Mini MBA

Top leaders need to be aligned when it comes to driving the organisation forward for growth. Leading the company to success includes top-notch leadership skills as well as an aligned Sales, Marketing and Operations strategy. The fts global executive performance programme (Mini-MBA) has proven to prepare today’s leaders for the challenges of tomorrow and beyond. The latest research, trends in different industries, experts in the field and best practices make this programme one of the best Leadership Performance Programmes in Europe.

This tailored programme is designed to help leaders develop the strategic tools they need to:

  • Enhance the marketing of products;

  • Grow sales by target clients and their resources effectively;

  • Lead and inspire their teams and stakeholders;

  • Ensure the highest standards of commercial probity, risk management & compliance;

  • Maximise client satisfaction and retention;

  • Ensure the supply chain always delivers.


To achieve this, a series of four-day sessions are planned which give leaders exposure to:


  • The latest thinking on the topics;

  • Thought provoking case studies;

  • Organisations and managers with the stories to tell;

  • Best practice in their own organisation.


The measurement of success comes from:


  • A business improvement project with tangible outcomes related to the areas covered;

  • General improvements in performance by individuals and teams;

  • Confidence to look and think ahead.