Leading Through

Digital Transformation

The top 5 pain points in organisations during digital transformation are resistance to change, lack of vision for the digital customer, ineffective gathering of data, inflexible technology and processes, and a legacy business model (CIO.com). Helping organisations manage these challenges means decreasing resistance, unlearning old behaviours and improving collaboration and communication across the organisation.


To help organisations tackle these challenges we have designed the following workshops:

Manage resistance.png
Collaborative communication.png
Change innovation.png

Manage resistance during change:


  • Understand the impact of digital transformation on individuals, teams and your organisation;

  • Identify behaviours during transformation by using the Kuebler-Ross-Curve;

  • Realise and use resistance as a catalyst for transformation;

  • Apply different communication strategies to reduce resistance.


Collaborative Communication:


  • Learn about and identify the different communication styles in people and how they react under pressure;

  • Create feedback loops and feedback platforms within teams to increase collaboration during digital transformation;

  • Reduce silo thinking in individuals and teams for improved knowledge sharing and knowledge creation.


From change to innovation:


  • Identifying areas for change and incremental improvement with your team during digital transformation;

  • Learn about different change initiatives for business innovation (Lean Start Up, Design Thinking);

  • Learn how to motivate your team and team members to constantly look for incremental and radical change by creating learning loops.