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Customised Sales Development Programme

Achieve a winning sales culture!

Start with FinSell today and create a new level of customer service for 2021.

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Why FinSell?

As a finance professional, the quality of your client relationships is a direct measure of your success and can be achieved through cultivating a highly qualified sales and customer-facing team. Lack of contact with some sales professionals may be deliberate to avoid being too pressurised in their sales approach.

On the contrary, staying in regular contact means maintaining consistent sales, revealing new opportunities and keeping clients away from the competition.

At fts-global, we have developed a unique sales development programme (FinSell) and client-facing workshops that are designed to help you build lasting and valuable client relationships.

We can show you exactly how to do that.

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FinSell™ is a unique and customised sales development programme for those working in financial services.

Our FinSell™ programme is based on proven insight-led selling methods, using the art of selling without pushing or pulling.


FinSell™ deliverables:


  • Define team behaviours and style based on clients’ needs, an insight-led selling model designed with the customer in mind;

  • Assess current individual approaches using RealityCoaching™ and appropriate profiling tools;

  • Identify future potential and assess level of service consistency;

  • Train in the FinSell™ skills using appropriate development interventions;

  • Embed key learning points and effectiveness assessment, with a follow up coaching sessions.

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