FinLead Methodology


Transformation and the focus to innovate have changed the way leaders need to engage with their stakeholders.

Helping them sharpen these specific skills to succeed in such an environment has been at the core of this unique and agile development tool for the financial services industry.


Together with our financial services clients we develop real life scenarios that these highly skilled leaders face in their daily jobs and place them in a reality simulation, which we call RealityCoaching™, to identify strengths and areas of improvement. The simulations are conducted with an industry expert actor and an industry expert coach.


These short bite-size simulation sessions provide participants with instant subjective (from the actor) and objective feedback (from the coach) which is invaluable for further development and behavioural change. Video-recording gives an additional feedback in the sense of ‘see yourself as others see you’. This combined powerful feedback enables leaders to reflect and instantly improve skills and behaviours.


A personalised development plan and further development recommendations help participants to be in control of honing their skills and become the leader they want to be.