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Corporate Social Responsibility

We practice what we preach – we are role models for a WELLBUSINESS™. We are transparent and inclusive in our leadership, and in return we have a wonderfully engaged and dynamic team. We celebrate the wins together, we encourage flexible working hours, learning opportunities and want to grow together. Our clients know this because our team deliver an excellent service.


Learn more about our WELLBUSINESS™ framework here.

We are a 


We nurture talent

At fts global we believe in talent and that’s why we support educational initiatives globally.

At fts global we have consistently developed our Corporate Social Responsibility in line with our belief that talent is there to be nurtured through education. Our team have a strong belief in education and have partnered with non profit organisations that focus on the development of individuals.

Our CEO Rachel was awarded Most Inspiring Women in Entrepreneurship in 2012 and is a founding member of Dress for Success (Luxembourg), an NGO that aims to promote women in the workplace. Our Chairman, David Micallef, is a key speaker in this space and in his previous role as CEO of Bank of New York Mellon, he was the first financial services company in Luxembourg to win the Women´s award for Gender Equality.

We advocate for Women's Empowerment

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