Change and Innovation


Organisations are an ecosystem and have to navigate effectively through a complex and unpredictable environment as never before.  Building agile structures and systems as well as developing leaders and peoples minds and skills to not only cope with these constant changes pro-actively but also drive innovation before the competition is fundamental for long-term success.


This change management programme has been designed to not only provide participants with the fundamental elements of navigating in changing environments but also enable leaders to create conditions for an engaged, agile and resilient workforce.


This programme consists of 6 modules with the following topics over a period of 4 days: 

  1. Change Management Fundamentals (4 hours) 

  2. Dealing with resistance (4 hours) 

  3. Change behaviours (4 hours) 

  4. Driving Change (4 hours) 

  5. Strategic Change (8 hours) 

  6. Case Study (8 hours)

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