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Transformation and Engagement



The WELLBUSINESS™ concept is holistic: creating a fundamentally healthier organisation rather than relying on ad hoc, isolated change programmes. We know that in order to transform in this way, there needs to be a deep level of trust that changes mindsets and ultimately, drives your bottom line.

At fts global, we believe that organisational trust and transformation will be the result of change in leadership, in communication, and by defining purpose and culture.


Passion & Belief


& Energising


& Connection


& Identity



& Engagement


Culture & Identity

Innovative, agile and customer centric culture for growth and sustainability.


Purpose, Passion & Belief

Purpose is the company "why" which is a critical part of engagement.


Leadership & Energising

Strong Leadership team that is responsible for developing trust, communication, culture and purpose.


Communication & Connection

Enhanced and collaborative communication across teams and departments for knowledge sharing and innovation.

Our approach to transformation begins with a proven, proprietary methodology called 変化Henka™ (meaning transformation in Japanese), used extensively working with organisations going through global mergers, acquisitions, rapid growth and rationalization.