RealityCoaching™ is a unique, high-impact learning experience, created by fts global, which helps improve your bottom line.

How does RealityCoaching™ work?

We work with you to co-create a simulation from your specific company environment. We engage industry experts/actors to act in a specific role (eg. client, employee, stakeholder). Before roll out, we work with our client to co-create a framework of competences based on our existing FinSell™ or FinLead™ or customised framework. 


RealityCoaching™ simulations are video-recorded, then played back with objective analysis from the fts global professional coach and subjective feedback from the expert. This provides a combined perspective that makes RealityCoaching™ powerful and unique.


After a RealityCoaching™ simulation, our clients are provided with an RealityCoaching™ Report identifying strengths and areas for development. The RealityCoaching™ Report is tailored to your requirements and to the simulation.

How does RealityCoaching™ bring to our clients?

Measurable improvement in performance, demonstrable ROI.


A comparative measure of the performance, strengths and weaknesses of individuals.


Creation of a consistent and manageable sales approach.

The advantages of RealityCoaching™

Ultra-realistic role-plays recreate real life situations, tailored to your needs.

Delegates receive high-impact one-on-one feedback which improves performance.

Managers get comparative analysis of individual performance and behaviours.

Business can release staff one-by-one.

Learning areas where you can apply RealityCoaching™

  • Any part of the sales cycle, including negotiation and deal- closing (FinSell™);

  • Private Banker Sales/Institutional Sales (FinSell™);

  • All areas of client relationship building (phone and face-to-face);

  • Leadership and management skills (FinLead™);

  • Dealing with/managing difficult people and situations;

  • Optimising meeting management;

  • Delivering effective presentations especially to specific audiences.