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Britain’s historic vote to leave the EU is instantly one of the most important political and economic stories of the 21st century. Its implications will impact businesses, and the accountants who help run them, all over the globe. I have a view on how this dramatic event manifested and it’s a subject that lies so close to my heart – this is organisational health. Poor organisational health meant that the UK government caught the cold, the media developed influenza and before we knew it the UK developed pneumonia. I firmly believe that strong organisational health is built on the back of Leadership, Communication & Culture. So what went wrong? Leadership: Professor Theakston offers an interes


Over the last years the business changed enormously: globalisation, intercultural matrix organisations, technological development, which made businesses instable, constantly pushed to improve their competencies and adapt to the business environment. The companies are not working in the same way as they did three, five or ten years ago. ​ That is how agility became one of the most important and differentiating competencies. The organisation’s agility is the capability to rapidly change or adapt in response to the changes of the market. In other words, it is the ability to be rapid and graceful at the same time. ​ What are the benefits of agility at work? ​ 1. Task Simplification ​ How many t

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