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When we set up wellbusiness™ we had an idealistic ambition to “make business better”…in other words to ensure that the financial services world and other industries became better places to work where Leadership, Communication and Culture are honed to improve business performance. I am not, dear reader, a person who writes for the sake of writing, I am not an avid user of social media and rarely do I get on my “high horse” about “causes”. I was however, incensed to write having had dinner with a friend last night. She informed me of her friend, based in another country, working for a financial services organisation. The woman has worked for the company for 10 years as has two children aged


Sean M Kelly is a very accomplished Professional and Personal Development Trainer and Coach with over fifteen years experience in the training industry. He has developed and delivered training to many successful businesses and organisations all over Europe. In general, Sean aims to inspire and show organisations and individuals how to use more of their infinite potential. More specifically he focuses on providing interactive, experiential and empowering training/coaching.


Presentations: All you have to do is start well. The rest is easy. I’m reliably informed that even our ever confident American cousins find giving presentations one of the scariest challenges of modern life. If they are scared, we all have a right to be. But we all have to brave this horror from time to time, so it’s a fear we have to overcome. We all have to put forward ideas in meetings, make occasional speeches at events, or pep up our teams. The purpose of this little piece is to help you with the most important part of a presentation: the start. After all, most people fall asleep soon after that. As with any activity, if we make a good start our confidence and form improves. But if we m

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